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The Comprehensive Detox Kit is a vegan, hypoallergenic 14-day cleanse that combines plant-based protein with two types of dietary fiber, a full range of macro and micro nutrients, as well as liver supportive botanicals and antioxidants.

Each kit has one container each of Vital Clear, Whole Fiber Fusion and Liver Support II.

The kit has a guide with the information you need to create an eating plan to give your body a rest from exposure to proinflammatory foods and common allergens in the typical Western diet, and from alcohol, caffeine and refined sugars. 

Included are recipes, sample daily menus, and lifestyle tips for during and after the detox program are included. 

Vital Clear:  Hypo-allergenic beverage mix with 29 grams of plant-based protein, vitamins and minerals to support nutrient requirements, energy levels, and detoxification pathways.

  • Key ingredients (glucomannan, cinnamon, chromium and vanadium) promote healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Specific amino acids are included to encourage normal glutathione production.

Whole Fiber Fusion:  Assists with regular daily elimination, essential in any detoxification program.

  • Flax, chia and prune provide 19% of the day's fiber to help bind excreted toxins and promote regular elimination.
  • Flax and chia also provide lignans to assist in normal hormone balance.
  • Slippery elm and marshmallow are soothing and support the integrity of the lining of the GI tract to reduce permeability to food allergens and excreted toxins.
  • Probiotic lactobacillus sporogenes supports healthy intestinal flora, which aids in detoxification and elimination.

Liver Support II:  Includes nutrients to promote detoxification, provide antioxidant support and suppress inflammatory activity.

  • Milk thistle and silybin support normal liver function, tissue repair, glutathione production and promote the removal of toxins from circulation.
  • Ayurvedic herb picrorhiza supports the liver and reduces inflammatory tendencies.
  • Artichoke and dandelion are traditional liver support foods known for their antioxidant, liver protective and digestive properties. 

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