Supplement Guidelines

Every person has somewhat different needs.  But two fundamental factors causing many of your symptoms are insulin resistance and chronic inflammation.  Here are some general suggestions for dealing with both of these problems:

Mild-Moderate Symptoms/Not Ovulating  Inositol Powder,  Vitex,  Vitamin D

Taking birth control pills or metformin?  Add  Multivitamin/mineral

(Basic Level) Moderate to Severe Symptoms or Overweight  D-Pinitol Formula,  Fish Oil,  Berberine Extract,  NAC,  Green Tea Extract,  Vitamin D (if not taking d-Pinitol)

(Advanced Level) - Moderate/Severe Symptoms or Overweight:  Add  Carnitine,  Cinnamon Extract,  Biotin,  Multivitamin/mineral

Issue with Hirsutism, Acne, Testosterone?  Add  Saw Palmetto Extract

Maintenance - Light Symptoms, Basic Support for Ovarian Health  Multivitamin/mineral,  Green Tea Extract

Metabolic clearing/cleansing:   Comprehensive Detox Kit